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You Throw Like A Girl [Ongoing] - Version: 0.40.1

That said, like... this touched me. I've mostly just played the Jessica path and done the trans storyline, because, well... look at my username. I'm a girl. Connect the dots. The idea of having this girlfriend as all this is going on, things being a bit rocky, but her remaining so supportive and caring, helping you through it and realize you're trans, that she's bi, that you both like the new status quo better? It's not just hot, it's really sweet and touching.

You Throw Like a Girl [Ongoing] - Version: 0.40.1

The game is huge and has a lot of choices but its not a porn game. Its either a simple text based rpg about mtf transitioning or an extremely simple and straightforward princess maker about football. Yes, it has sex scenes and some content related to transformation, but its not erotic at all, also it features no images except for characters and locations. First 3 hours of the game (probably can be a little bit faster if you drop your gf to force-accelerate gay route) mc has only 2 partners, his gf and gay buddy. And all of this time mc will look like a guy (although he gets a hairy vag right in the beginning), so you can imagine what sex scenes are about, dont think that there are too many people who are into this shit, on top of that I can add that they are extremely repetitive and written in a non erotic way (i purposely waited mc to turn into a girl to confirm my impressions with him in a new, desirable by me role). For example, theres a game, Magical Camp, it doesnt even feature any sex scenes (well at least when i played it) but all of the transformations were written in a highly erotic way and meant to be fappable. So even a game without sex scenes or erotic play is more of a porn game than this one. Or we can take for example perverted education, its alot similar to ytlg in structure, but content wise its an actual high quality porn game with massive amount of porn content which barely may be considered as mtf transition roleplay although in a very erotic and reluctant way. On the contrary ytlg features no reluctant roleplay, almost all changes are completely desired by mc, chosen voluntarily and he doesnt show even a minimum plausibility level when facing even unavoidable transformations and trying to look upset (all of them are in the first minutes of the game).Both of these games also feature a therapist content, but when in pe its purpose to provide porn, in ytlg it looks really like a therapist genuinely trying to help a transitioning person or maybe its just graphomania, im not an expert. So i cannot recommend this game for anyone looking for a fap content, but some ftm trans people may find it interesting storywise.

When a game is this good, the problems are highlighted all the more. Fortunately, there's only one major problem I've encountered with the game, and it's that the Griffin path is... Well, kind of busted. All of the relationships paths with the female characters are logical, cute, and straghtforward. You know what you're getting into, that you'd entering into it, and how to progress them fairly intuitively. The Griffin path is the only one that has significant difficutlies getting it to activate. I have played through many different versions of this game, from before there was a paper doll, and I have only successfully entered a relationship with Griffin once. The in-game hint system helps (and it's an excellent feature all on its own), but it's not enough to completely mitigate the problems. It seemed like everything had to go perfectly for it to happen, and one slight deviation front the exact intended path derails the entire attempt, usually leaving your character painfully single. Worse, the playthrough where I got the relationship with Griffin to work right, we never had penetrative sex. Apparently there are very small windows to make this happen, and it's easy to miss them and be locked out of this path for the rest of the playthrough. The only other 'straight' path is a really fun scene where you can hook up with someone anonymously at a party, but it ends in just a blowjob. I feel like there was a missed oportunity for a penetrative sex scene here, and the changes that could bring.Compounding this is an interrelated issue, specifically that there is only one very narrow method of obtaining a 'condom', coming up in one otherwise routine conversation. Truthfully, I've never had that one work at all, and I think it's the only instance where the gameplay mehanics shatter the believability of the world. I can buy that a former quarterback would have no idea how to handle suddenly getting periods, but I can't buy that a former star quarterback with a girlfriend wouldn't have a condom supply of his own. I also struggle to understand why you can voluntarily buy razors, but not condoms, at a pharmacy. Having a condom passed to you buy your guy friends makes sense, but so does having a bowl of them easily availble in the health office of the dorms, or... Hell, a lot of the girl characters help the MC out with other issues, why not have them talk about condoms and safe sex? Women keep condoms around too. 041b061a72


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