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Delivery From The Pain Big Brothers Legend Upda...

Fair rental value is the amount you could reasonably expect to receive from a stranger for the same kind of lodging. It is used instead of actual expenses such as taxes, interest, depreciation, paint, insurance, utilities, and the cost of furniture and appliances. In some cases, fair rental value may be equal to the rent paid.

Delivery From The Pain Big Brothers Legend Upda...

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After the truth of Pathfinder's involvement in saving Outlands Energy Crisis was discovered, the Syndicate decided to host an dedication ceremony, with a statue dedicated to him on the city of Olympus, and invited the public onto the floating city. However, without warning, Olympus' city management system shifted multiple sectors to allow a fleet of 15 ships to dock, and soon, genetically mutated Medusa Vines broke through from its lead ship and overtook the floating city and let loose a deadly allergen that will kill the infected within 3 days. Investigation indicated that all serial numbers and markings were removed, and that the cure requires synthesizing the enzyme from Carthage spiders that neutralize the agatoxin. In order to do that, half of the Legends went to Gaea to retrieve the Carthage spiders, while the rest stayed to control the Vine's growth. However, Lifeline eventually discovered that it was Eduardo Silva who sent the Icarus Fleet, along with being the one behind the attack on Chevrex charity event that took place during "Family Portrait". When she pursued Duardo, he got her to back off by exposing it was Octane who removed the markings of Silva from the Icarus fleet. Eventually, after some difficulties, the legends managed to return with the spiders and synthesize the cure, which is then mass produced by Duardo's company; the fleet, except the Icarus, is sent to a Blackhole. Nonetheless, Silva's marking somehow "mysteriously reappeared" on the Icarus fleet, which caused Duardo to be questioned by the media; in turn, he used both the Museum Hostage Crisis, Salvonian Gunship incident, and the Medusa Vines to question the ability of Syndicate to govern the Outlands, and suggested that perhaps Syndicate can use a new leadership...

A mercenary brought out a gatling gun, which prompted the three legends to scatter. Due to tight quarters, they find themselves far from coordinated with each other, and thus find it difficult to fight off the Forgotten Families goons. Wraith was then attacked by a merc with a glowing gauntlet, but things takes a turn when the merc herself recognizes Wraith as Dr. Blasey. Trembling in fear, the merc pleads Wraith to leave her alone.

Obi Edolasim was invited to an interview with Lisa Stone of Outlands TV. The interview starts out well, with Edolasim giving his reasoning for his moniker "Seer". However; things take a sharp turn when Stone uses the opportunity to divert from the agreed-upon questions and attempt a character assassination against the Legend, citing polls and respondents from Boreas airing grievances against him by claiming he mainly spouts inspirational phrases, all to paint Seer as uncaring towards the deteriorating conditions of his homeworld.

Suddenly, Gibraltar gets a call from help for a sinking incident near Norlock Lake. Although he was skeptical, he accepted when he found the caller's voice familiar. Mirage tags along. The two legends visit the lake and were surprised to find that the call came from Michael Gentile, the son of Gibraltar's ex-boyfriend, Nik, who was clinging to a Trident that was sinking. Gibraltar rescues Michael and drags him to the shore along with Mirage who clumsily followed him and had trouble swimming. 041b061a72


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