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Audirvana Plus License File Down

(I have delete the file AudirvanaDatabase.sqlite2 (remarkable that you still name this version2 while Audirvana is now version 3I have done a complete blank and new installation of version 3 with license)

Audirvana Plus License File Down


Hello RunHomeSlowDo you know if i can complete remove Audirvana (with App Cleaner) donwload Audirvana and install it again, put in my license and build a complete new database?I also think that you are right that there is a bug in my versionI hope i get no problems with the license to put in again (it is still the same Macbook pro)When i want to download en try version of Audirvana they ask for my account en want to push a second license dut that is nog what i want . I want to download a clear new version of Audirvana . Do you know how to do that?Thanks

I tried deleting the library files, but instead of creating a new one when I launch, I get an error message. The error says I have a damaged audrivanapluslibrary.sqlite file and I need to delete it. Of course, that's one of the files I already deleted and it's not around to delete again.

The launchctl remove command differs from the unload command in that you don't have to specify the location of the file, and the file (in the case of this tidal virus thing) need not even exist. The frequency of these pauses has now greatly decreased. I've only experienced one incident since using this trick. I don't know why launchd was constantly hunting for this nonexistent tidal plist file, but I got tired of trying to track it down and am using this hack instead. I have a suspicion it came with Audirvana, since it is only in that context that I have ever used tidal.

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