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Printable 2023 Calendars in PDF - Various Formats and Layouts

Our free 2023 yearly calendar templates have weeks that start on Sunday and are based on Gregorian calendar. All annual calendars in this page have the full year displayed in a single page. All calendars are free to download, edit, customize or print in Excel, Word, and PDF format.

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The General Blue calendars are provided so you can plan, schedule, and organize your business, school, or personal-related activities. The yearly calendars come in multiple styles. For each style, it can be printed directly from the website using the Print button or you can download the selected style of the calendar in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PDF format. If you are simply looking for an online calendar to print, a print button is provided in each calendar style so you can print a calendar directly without having to download the calendars.

Download, customize, edit, and print free weekly calendar templates in PDF, Excel and Word. Multiple weekly planners are provided such as calendar with time slots, to-do list templates, and many others.

At EditableCalendar.Com, we are providing you a variety of calendar styles that suited for your home, business, school or personal planning. Our calendar templates are free to download and available in many formats such as Word, Excel, PDF or PNG. Some are blank, some include holidays or notes space... You can also choose portrait or landscape orientation before printing.

Printable Monthly Calendar This is simple, classic calendar layout which available in landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) format. We have more more monthly calendar templates to download here.

This is a full year calendar so it have 12 months on one page. You can choose to print a calendar with weeks start on Monday or Sunday. Some templates are include holidays at bottom of it or some have holidays highlighted.

With this accessible calendar template you can create your own calendar for any month or any year. The table layout is customizable with several lines in each day then you can easy to add day number, event or notes to it.

Never forget a birthday with our birthday calendar template which contains two months per page. Use it to record birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions. The calendar is available in word format which can easily customize with your own pictures, and change colors and fonts using themes.

Becoming more organized in 2023 is easier than ever. Calendarkart brings you creatively designed editable calendars, allowing you to plan your months the way you want. All calendar templates given below are typeable and you may type text within blocks instead of manually writing. You can make your grocery lists, schedule meetings, plan outings, or make to-do lists. There are multiple ways to use the space provided in the calendars. Plus, all our calendars are absolutely free. You only need to download and print them on premium quality A4 paper.

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Though monthly editable calendars are the best time management tools, having a few tips for using them properly will ensure you get efficient results. So, here are a few tips to make the most use of our Calendars:

Martha is the face behind the blog calenedarkart, a working professional and mother of one cute baby boy. It all started in late 2018 when I found the value of planning printables I really started to make significant progress on my bigger goals. Now I want to help you do the same. I usually design planning printables like calendars, planners, and planning templates. The designs are minimalist, helpful, and cute. I am sure you will love using them.

This award-winning calendar is a tool for parents and children to use to track and plan time the child spends in each parent's home. Every year we work with children across the state to develop a new My Sticker Calendar. It uses artwork drawn by children and stickers to provide a fun and interactive approach that helps parents and children plan and look forward to their time spent across households.

Families, staff, and community members are encouraged to utilize the school year calendar to be aware of important dates for DCPS. You can find scheduled days off for students and teachers, District holidays, and religious and culture dates throughout the year.

Printed versions of the SY22-23 calendar are available at schools, but you can download them at the links below. The poster version is a large-scale, detailed calendar, and the at-a-glance version is designed to be printed at home.

Microsoft Outlook Users: Internet Calendar feeds are only supported in version 2007 or later. The calendars will be updated each time Outlook performs a Send & Receive, which typically happens automatically every 30 minutes (but can also happen on-demand). The live calendar feed from this website has been set to update no more frequently than every 3 hours, however.

BlackBerry Users: For devices running BlackBerry OS 10 (BB10) or higher, the calendar feeds should work just fine. However, prior to BB10 RIM they did not support "over-the-air" calendar feeds in their devices, so they won't work.

iCalendar (*.ics extension) is a popular file format used to distribute calendar information between different applications over the internet. distributes school events in iCal format for the convenience of parents, students and staff members.

What is an ICS?The universal calendar format (ICS) is used by several email and calendar programs, including Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and Apple iCal. It enables users to publish and share calendar information on the Web and over email.

Download free printable 2023 monthly calendar template with holidays in a landscape layout word document. The editable template is designed with large boxes where you can type in notes and events easily inside day boxes.CustomizeDownload

Download this editable monthly calendar for 2023 with holidays in a colourfully designed landscape layout word template. Large spaces available for recording daily journals or notes. The customizable template is best suitable for kindergarten kids.CustomizeDownload

A printable 2023 calendar template with the US holidays and space for monthly appointments or notes available as landscape format word document. The fillable full year template is available as a word, excel, pdf and image format download.CustomizeDownload

A customizable daily planner template for 2023 with holidays and space for daily notes within large boxed monthly calendar grid. The annual calendar contains one month per page and easy to type in lines inside day boxes. Download and personalize as you like.CustomizeDownload

Download this free printable yearly calendar for 2023 template with US holidays as a landscape layout green theme designed word document. The template is available in word, pdf and image format.CustomizeDownload

Download and personalize this editable 2023 yearly blank calendar template in a one page per year word document. The clean design year at a glance template can be best used as a yearly planner for the year 2023.CustomizeDownload

Download this customizable 2023 yearly calendar to print from any printer easily. The full year template is designed in an easy to edit landscape layout template. The blank template is also available as the word, excel, pdf and image format.CustomizeDownload

Download the printable 2023 monthly LibreOffice calendar with US holidays and large space for appointment and notes in a landscape layout design. Works well when opened as OpenOffice Writer template.CustomizeDownload

Download this editable LibreOffice monthly calendar for the year 2023 with large boxes for each day. The template features large space for write notes inside day boxes directly. Works well in OpenOffice writer.CustomizeDownload

Download this customizable 2023 yearly calendar OpenOffice template with federal holidays in a one-page landscape formatted document. Personalize it as per your requirement and print easily anywhere.CustomizeDownload

Download the landscape layout printable 2023 monthly Pages calendar template with US holidays. The template features large box grid where adding custom events into the day boxes of this Apple iWork document becomes an easy task.CustomizeDownload

Download this editable monthly 2023 calendar template for Mac Pages in landscape format Apple iWork document. This fillable template features easy to write in large notes space. Suitable to be used as monthly planner, appointment tracking or another scheduling tool.CustomizeDownload

Download this customizable yearly 2023 calendar templates for Mac Pages in a landscape format clean design. Personalize the editable Apple iWork template by adding your own holidays or events into this pages calendar for 2023.CustomizeDownload

We provides free 2023 calendar templates in many formats including word, excel and PDF. Our Microsoft Word calendar works nicely with other writing applications like OpenOffice, LibreOffice and Google Docs. You may download or print any 2023 monthly or yearly calendars. Most of the templates are available in portrait and landscape format. Many calendar templates are designed with high quality background pictures which are suitable for any kind of printer. For 2023 calendar templates in excel format visit our 2023 excel calendar page. Microsoft excel spreadsheet are available both xls and xlsx format for your convenience.

Our printable calendar templates are here to to help you keep track of all your appointments, deadlines, birthdays, projects and more! Count down to that special event, or keep track of everyone in your families commitments by filling out one of these calendars and putting it on your fridge. Whether you want a dedicated monthly calendar to keep track of a project at work, or you're a home-schooling mom who wants to schedule events and activities, these printable calendars are for you!

Our monthly calendars are formatted to print on US letter-size (8.5" x 11" paper). Each calendar on this page starts the week on a Sunday, and several include the major holidays and observances. When you find a calendar template you like, simply click on the image or download button underneath to download your free calendar template.


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