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Samsung Fast Gsm Omap

another new feature, and the one that makes the galaxy s iii truly special, is the notifications. notifications can be turned off, but you can also opt to be notified by vibration, sound, and/or alert. the phone can beep at you to let you know you have a new email, text, or missed call. if you have another device with which you can interact with the phone, you can set it up so that it vibrates when you're on a call or have an email. the android notifications are great, and the feature is a little hard to use: it seems like you're always a little too late to see the alerts. i think samsung should have made the button on the side of the phone more prominent, though, so you don't have to guess whether you're in the right app.

samsung fast gsm omap

the galaxy s iii does a lot more besides - it's got a good camera (8 megapixels, with dual led flash), and it's got a good screen (with very sharpness, brightness, contrast and colour accuracy), and it's got a good music player (with good sound quality). and, yes, it's got a good browser (with blink). the battery on the galaxy s iii is larger than the one on the lumia 800, but it's not a huge difference. as far as we can tell, it's got the same number of charge cycles (about 700). the galaxy s iii does offer the best camera with the best flash on a mobile device we've tested (the nokia lumia 920 is very good), but it's not as fast as the nokia lumia 920, and it's a lot less powerful and a lot heavier. the galaxy s iii is also a lot more expensive. i'm not sure about the really important stuff, like battery life, in terms of actual numbers, but i believe that the galaxy s iii is better in a lot of the ways i've listed above.


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