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My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising sends Izuku Midoriya (Justin Briner) and the rest of class 1-A to the isolated and peaceful Nabu Island to run a hero agency as part of the Hero Work Recommendation Project. When powerful villains arrive on the island intent on stealing the quirk of the little boy Katsuma Shimano (Maxey Whitehead), the fledgling heroes need to quickly navigate the learning curve from heroes-in-training to professional heroes in order to protect every citizen on Nabu Island and defeat the villains.

My Hero Academia - HEROES - FULL ENDING -

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime in the world. And with one feature-length film already under its belt, it's no surprise a second movie featuring the heroes of Class 1-A is on the way.

The movie starts with The League of Villains running from the Pro Heroes with some precious cargo. Don't get used to seeing both factions, though, as this is the only part they play in the movie. While that may seem like a detriment, it actually works to the film's benefit. After all, Heroes Rising - just as the title suggests - is about the heroes-in-training of Class 1-A and how they handle situations above their pay grade.

Deku, Bakugo and the rest of the gang are sent to Nabu Island, where there's only 1,000 residents and crime is non-existent. There, they can practice being heroes. What starts out as the class doing mundane tasks, like finding lost cats and helping elderly people go to the hospital, quickly becomes life or death when a new group of villains arrives on shore.

With that said, having Nine accompanied by three other villains helps give each student of Class 1-A their own time to shine, especially in the final battle where, in true Shonen Jump fashion, a group of heroes is sent to deal with one villain at a time. Even smaller characters like Mineta and Ashido get sequences designed to really show what they can do.

While its plot is solid, Rising's fight scenes are some of the most crisp and dynamic in the entire series. The way the villains continue to power up and put the pressure on our heroes really makes you feel as though they won't be able to overcome the threat.

My Hero Academia mostly focuses on the exploits of the heroes of UA Academy butting heads with villains and threats to hero society at large, whereas Dr. Stone takes a decidedly different approach to its story. Focusing on a world wherein humanity has been trapped in stone, the story of Senku the young mad scientist is about to come to an end, and Kohei Horikoshi, the man responsible for the creation of characters such as Deku, Bakugo, and All For One, has some words to share.

My Hero Academia is also set to return to the world of anime this year, though rather than diving into its next season over this summer like Dr. Stone, the series is set to adapt the War Arc in the fall of this year, pitting the heroes of UA Academy against the overwhelming force of Shigaraki's new army in the Paranormal Liberation Front. Needless to say, expect some major events from these two big anime adaptations that are hitting this year.

My Hero Academia manga is finally at a point where the villains have the upper hand over the heroes. Shigaraki's merger with All For One is terrifying for everyone, but it's Star and Stripe who gets to face this powerful enemy first.

Ending is a deranged and suicidal person who is infatuated with Endeavor, adoring his image of a condescending and arrogant hero. He strongly desired for Endeavor to kill him, having no regards for any other life including his own, and was willing to endanger innocent people as well as kill Natsuo so Endeavor would kill him. He was also very happy to see that Endeavor had remembered him from their past encounter.

When the dust finally settles after the battle, it's never been a worse time to be a hero. With some heroes dead, like Midnight, or heavily injured, like Gran Torino, the hero community is severely wounded. Public perception of heroes takes an immediate nose dive, especially after the truth regarding Dabi's identity goes viral. Additionally, out-of-context footage of Hawks stabbing the villain Twice sends people's belief in superheroes into the dirt.

Following the battle, several heroes are in critical condition, including Number One Hero: Endeavor, who is just as emotionally wounded as he is physically. After Dabi's video goes viral, the public turns on Endeavor in droves, seeing him as a failed hero and father.

It helps to have friends in your corner, especially if your friends are over a dozen superheroes with your best interests in mind. Following his shocking departure from UA, Midoriya cuts off all contact with his friends, mainly to protect them from All For One. This, understandably, doesn't sit well with Class 1-A, who will do whatever it takes to bring their friend home. During a confrontation with another Tartarus escapee, Midoriya is overwhelmed until Bakugo and the rest of the class arrive to help.

Following the prison break at Tartarus, key villains from past seasons make their escape, including Stain: The Hero Killer. Simply put, Stain is a few candles short of a menorah, seeking to cleanse modern society of those he deems to be false heroes. Back in Season 2, Stain went as far as heavily wounding Ida's brother Tensei AKA the Turbo Hero: Ingenium, forcing him into early retirement. As revealed in his chilling monologue before his capture, the one hero he does deem to be worthy is All Might. After his arrest, aside from a few scant mentions, Stain disappears until Season 6. 041b061a72


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