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Where Can I Buy Ukulele Near Me

While none of the manufacturers of our top picks in this guide provided answers to our sustainability questions, there are many general statements we can make about the sustainability and environmental impact of inexpensive ukuleles.

where can i buy ukulele near me


Great question. As you go up in price, you get into ukuleles built with solid wood rather than laminate wood or plastic. Solid woods cost more because the tonal characteristics of the instrument tend to be richer and fuller. Different woods have different tonal characteristics. Some woods are rarer than others which also affects the price. More expensive ukuleles might be handmade or have finer detailing (e.g. pearl inlays). Higher-priced ukuleles tend to have better quality tuners, which means the ukulele will stay in tune for longer periods of time. All of these different things factor into the price of a ukulele.

You all give this ukulele outstanding reviews in the comments at the bottom of this post. This ukulele sports a mahogany top, back, and sides. In addition to a concert size, the Cordoba also comes in a smaller soprano size and a larger tenor size. If you have larger hands, definitely go with the tenor so you have extra space for your fingers between the frets.

As a side note, you may see pineapple-shaped ukuleles. These are generally the same sound quality as the standard shaped ukulele, but some players claim the shape adds a little more volume and a slightly fuller tone.

Is Hanohano a good brand? I got one at the Aloha Stadium flee market by a really nice couple who run and I purchased one and it seems pretty good but I was wondering if you have any experience with them?

Looking to buy a ukulele in Montreal? I will first discuss a few basics like tuning and the different ukulele sizes available. Secondly, I will provide information about where to buy a ukulele in Montreal and our top picks to make the choice easy for you.

There are 4 standard ukulele sizes. The main difference between them is their size and the richness of their tone. A second difference is that the Soprano, Concert and Tenor are tuned G,C,E,A while the Baritone is tuned D,G,B,E.

-> Our Pick: Kala is a good brand of ukulele. It is made out of Mahogany wood, and delivers a nice sound that is bright, yet warm and provides enough volume to be heard while playing in a group.

Aloha and welcome to Aloha City Ukes, Chicagoland's only dedicated ukulele store and dealer of Hawaiian made ukuleles. We carry great ukes by manufacturers like KoAloha, Kanile'a, Romero Creations, Makaio, Pono, Kala, Lanikai, Ohana and more. We don't carry cheap plastic toys, we only stock real instruments that inspire you to want to play more. We offer:

Our ukulele teachers are highly qualified with educational degrees from prestigious institutions. Some of our instructors have additionally completed performance tours of the US and have over 20 years of professional performance and teaching experience. In addition to their teaching credentials, our teachers have warm personalities, are extremely friendly and strive to get to know each student and their parent on a personal level.

Beginner ukulele students can expect to work on chords, simple songs, and melodies, sight-reading and theory. Our instructors balance musicianship and fun by making sure that each lesson presents a new technical challenge or theory concept, and ends with something fun, such as your favorite riff or song. We use a variety of bass method books, and encourage students to bring their smartphone or CDs to their lesson to learn their favorite tunes.

We are conveniently located on 28th Street only 1 mile East from I-96 in the Cascade area (Get Directions). We currently offer ukulele lessons to students from all over the Greater Grand Rapids area. In addition, we offer ukulele lessons to students in the greater Jenison area at our 2nd location in the heart of Jenison.

I hope this has given you a little more clarity on cheap, inexpensive, and moderately priced ukuleles. We try to give you as much detail as possible on all of our ukuleles. But if we missed something or you have any questions or comments at all, drop us a line.

Thankyou for your most helpful article. I had already bought my first ukulele before I read your article. I have bought a baritone as my first instrument as I can play a few guitar chords. I have bought a relatively inexpensive model. It is a Kmise KMU 30B. Fortunately it seems very well built and, to my ears sounds good. Do you have any comments about this model?

Ukuleles in Hawaii are sold as cheap souvenirs, entry-level instruments, and high-end Hawaiian-made instruments. Expect to pay $150 to $500 for a decent ukulele made in Hawaii and $1,000 to $4,000 for a top tier instrument made with Hawaiian koa. Consider purchasing a Hawaiian brand or buying from a local artisan.

The ukulele is symbolic of Hawaii, right up there with leis and Hula dancers. If your goal is simply to pick up a memento that captures the spirit of the islands, then there are a great many affordable options for you.

Be warned, though, these ukuleles are rarely playable. Most of them are poorly made and will not hold their tuning. On occasion, you will get lucky with a halfway decent instrument that stays in tune. But most souvenir ukuleles are best-suited as wall hangers or toys for children.

There are many reasonably priced entry level ukes available in Hawaii. Similar to the mainland USA, expect to pay at least $50 -$100 for a ukulele that is playable and will stay in tune. Ukes in this range will typically feature laminate tops, that is, the soundboard is constructed by gluing many layers of wood together.

If you want a higher end beginner ukulele, look for instruments with solid tops. These ukes are constructed using a single piece of wood for the soundboard which results in a better tone. Beginner-level solid top ukuleles will cost between $100 and $300.

If you choose to buy a ukulele in Hawaii, you will have to get it home somehow. Cost can increase if you have to factor in shipping or the price of checking an additional item on your airline. Many stores offer free shipping with purchase so always ask what your options are.

There can be perks to purchasing a ukulele in Hawaii, especially if you are seeking a fully Hawaiian uke. For one, you can visit stores or builders and play a variety of different instruments before making your decision.

This store opened in 1999 and now has two locations in Waikiki on Oahu, one in the Sheraton and one at the Moana Surfrider Westin. They carry a full spectrum of ukuleles from entry-level to the major Hawaiian brands.

This store is relatively new, but is notably owned and operated by Bruce Shimabukuro, the talented brother of Jake Shimabukuro. It is located at the Pacific Beach Hotel in Waikiki on Oahu. The Ukebox offers superb customer service and ukulele lessons.

Ukuleles were first invented in Hawaii during the 19th century, but these whimsical instruments now boast players from around the world. They come in several different sizes, each creating distinct musical sounds. From beginner players to experts, there are ukuleles to suit every skill level.

The Number of Strings - If you are a guitar player, you would already be aware of the fact that a guitar comes with six strings. A ukulele, on the other hand, comes with four strings. The smaller number of strings makes this musical instrument easier to learn, especially for those who already know to play the guitar.

The Size - When you buy ukuleles online, you will notice that what makes this musical instrument different from the guitar is the size. Ukuleles are mainly available in four sizes. You have those that are especially small. These are called sopranos and are mainly for beginners. Then you have the slightly bigger ones called altos. These provide fuller tones and are good for people with large hands. The third type is called the tenor, which is ideal for concerts with its full sound. Finally, you have the largest type which is called the baritone. With its large size, the baritone is similar to the guitar and can even be tuned like one. 041b061a72


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